Wanna buy a piece of art?

Call my mom!

i’m too young for sellin’…


Believe it or not: I paint every picture entirely by myself. pinky swear 🙂

Yes i’m really doing this all by my own. My mom and my dad don’t tell me what to paint. It’s 100% me. The only parts my parents help me with, is buying canvas, colors, brushes and all the other stuff i need for painting. And they clean up 😀

all money earned by sellin’ my pictures, will be safed for me till i am an adult

Hmmmm… what will I buy when I grow up and get the money? Definitely candies. Oh, oh and colors. Lots of colors. Even more than I already have… Candies and colors. That sounds like a good investment to me.

i only paint for fun – not for business! no artworks on commision

I’m sorry, but I’m only 2 years old and I paint just for fun and cause i like it pretty much. So i don’t do artworks on commission. Maybe we can talk about it in 20 years…


All prices displayed on the website include 7% value-added tax. All pictures are sold without frames. Frames cannot be purchased through the website.


All artworks can be finished with varnish upon request.


My mom ships my artworks worldwide. When shipping outside of Germany, additional shipping costs will be incurred. These are determined by the destination country.

Payment methods

I’m not pretty sure, cause my mom is doing all that boring stuff like payment and shipping. But i think she accepts paypal and bank transfer. Better ask her for the details, if you wanna buy one of my artworks 😉


After the purchase of one of my artworks has been completed, there is no entitlement to return and/or refund.