A Two-Year-Old budding artist from Germany with a big love for abstract acrylic paintings

At a mere two years old, I’m already causing a delightful splash in the art scene. My colorful journey into the world of painting began during a family vacation in 2023 at a children’s hotel nestled in South Tirol, Italy. Driven by the boundless imagination of childhood, I delved into creating my first artwork – a small wooden elephant – one of my favourite animals.

My First Artwork – Created at a Children’s Hotel in South Tyrol

I’m all about colors and energy in my paintings, and I’ve got a few favorites: purple, red, blue, yellow, and pink.

I love mixing and matching them to create mesmerizing compositions that reflect my inner creativity. When I’m painting, I follow my instincts, choosing colors and techniques that feel just right in the moment.

Creativity is practically in my DNA

Growing up in an artist family is pretty cool. Both my dad and my grandpa are artists too, so I’ve had plenty of inspiration since i was born. I love experimenting with different tools like spatulas, brushes, scrapers, and paint rollers.


Aside from my love for art, I’m just a regular two-year-old kid. I enjoy swimming, playing with my shovel excavator in the sandbox, and piecing together puzzles. And let’s not forget about my fascination with animals – elephants and dinosaurs are my absolute favorites, and they often make appearances in my artwork, adding a touch of whimsy.

MY journey is just gettin’ started!

For me, painting isn’t just about splashing colors on canvas; it’s a way of expressing myself and exploring the world around me. Through my art, I find freedom and a whole lot of messy fun.

As I continue to grow and learn as an artist, my journey is just getting started and it’s going to be one heck of a colorful ride!

Stay tuned!


Pictures speak louder than words